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Welcome to the Gasz Akustic Online Experience...

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Gasz Akustic is a specialized company focusing on “Home Theater” and “Custom Audio/Video & Lighting Systems”.
We put all the pieces together and make sure everything is compatible, performs at the same level, meets or exceeds the client’s needs, and is easy to operate
(i.e. one remote controls everything). The result is a very satisfying experience (far better than going out to the movies). 

We create Audio/Video solutions (from simple to elaborate) for any room in the house, office, restaurant, nightclub, etc. and strive to make the most of the budget.

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Widescreen Review  {May/June 2009}  says: “All Hail the New PDP King, the Panasonic Premiere”  


A new generation of plasma displays…designed for the luxury home theater. More than a plasma TV - the Premiere is a 1080p studio-level monitor!  It has an expanded color range that covers 120% of the HDTV standard; a 60,000:1 contrast ratio with an industry-leading 7,160 color gradations; 6 gamma preset curves; plus world-leading 18-bit digital signal processing.  It has 16 adjustment menus stored in memory to facilitate custom settings for many sources, etc


Enjoy the difference a Specialist can make in developing your Home Theater.

Gasz Akustic is a "full-service" Contractor…since 1980 delivering a broad spectrum of products.

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